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Country Inflation GDP Population Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Jamaica 9.4% 9,029 2,717,991 3.75% - JMD Nov 2017
Canada 2.8% 37,947 35,540,419 1.76% - CAD Nov 2017
United States 1.5% 45,934 319,094,000 1.68% - USD Nov 2017
Puerto Rico 34,674^ 3,615,086 0.75% - USD Jan 2016
Cayman Islands 1.8% 55,456 0.53% - USD Nov 2017

North America Overview

In North America is the trilateral trade agreement NAFTA signed by the governments of United States, Canada and Mexico. According to CFR in 2009 the trade within NAFTA partners accounted for more than 80 percent of Mexico and Canada trade, and more than a third of US trade*. According to the IMF in 2009 for GDP PPP the economies of the United States, Canada and Mexico are the 1st , 14th and 11th biggest economies in the world.

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  • Q: What was the interest rate in north america in the 90s

    Reply ricky from Kingston, Jamaica

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